the girl

carmen, (almost 30 now).
writes. reads. in a foreign country.
is trying not to stop talking. in whichever language of the 2.
is trying to see and be moved, to be seen and move :). the bubble walls have to be kept: transparent, rainbowy-diaphanous, floating, always on the edge of bursting…

all rights over what is posted here do belong to carmen. no part of the writing samples on this blog may be reproduced without permission/acknowledgement.

2 Responses to the girl

  1. iulia spune:

    hello…that is all i can say for the moment.. i think… i like your blog and whatever is happening to you… oh, yes, i don’t like ovidiu’s blog it is black dirty and vulgar…oh, did i mention also momotonous? see you later

  2. e spune:


    i like you blog!

    why you no write me you bitch, i wanna know what’s happening to you in montreal, of course!

    also, i think i am starting a new band with tony. wrote 2 songs with him this aft, fucked up the recording and now i don’t remember them, blech. so i have to (in about 10 minutes) go down to 1067 where he’s playing with his band, and re-record the whole fucking thing in the break. crazy. but i gotta be able to remember, otherwise i can’t work on it.

    also2: now that you no longer live here and thus i shall not embarrass myself, do you wanna be on wire?

    also3: we miss you. lora and me.

    vancouver. it’s raining. i saw an eagle from the window (your old window). it was being chased by a gang of irate seagulls.

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