love is in the air

this pretty song was playing in a boutique in my neighbourhood where i stop frequently to visit the dresses i can`t afford. consequently, this is all that`s in my head today.

it`s still snowing i think (it did the whole day, but at some point it`s supposed to turn into rain). i have pineapple crumble in the oven, i`m just saying it because it sounds good. i won`t tell you how it tasted. and i`m reading julian barnes!!! after years and years and years i dared get close to `arthur and george`- and guess what, it`s good. well in the quaint and well-raised julian barnes way, but i`m pleased.

so i visited the old-skool-craft-fair for st. valentin`s today, & st urbain and st viateur. smaller than i had thought (duh, it was in the basement of the big church). lovely things that were too expensive for me:  various cards and prints with/of montreal places; felt flower necklaces and hairbands (sonia z., you could so start a business!!); knit jewelry, i.e. mostly hairpins and brooches. i was looking for a toy-rabbit but i see there`s not much chance of finding one in good time. anyway, i bought a small button – a sketch of 2 ppl in cosmonaut gear, embraced/kissing while floating in space (huh there are specks i`m assuming are stars), with cute oxygen tanks and all. yeah count on me to overlap the romantic meaning of a phrase with a literal cynical or whatever reading of it.

anything is a metaphor for my love life. also i can`t wait to have a dog: i`m naming him cosmos.

2 Responses to love is in the air

  1. girlinbubble spune:

    for the sake of `precision`: 1)my crumble turned out ok. i think i`m alright at baking for the same reason that my mum is a good driver: we both live in onstant fear of accidents. 2)now that i realize what that might`ve sounded like: NO there are no plans for me to get an actual live dog in the near future. i also have names ready for my 2 children (girl and boy) so, you know.

  2. son-yah spune:

    Do you still need a toy rabbit? I’ll make you one if you can think of something to trade. Music mix or something written. I can make it out of this awesomely worn-out soft grey army blanket I found a couple months ago. Or, I could felt you one. It’ll take a couple months, the way life is so busy these days, but it’ll be a nice excuse for me to make something with my hands in the evenings.

    ps. I know how to make lanterns now. I made a jellyfish lampshade!
    pss. Reading the Brother’s Karamazov. Love it!

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