i like it on the floor, by the door

this bubbled up in me as general anti-facebook rage, not against any individual person who uses facebook, wants to increase awareness against cancer, wants to stay connected socially and look cute and mysterious and a bit naughty in front of guys. but let’s be serious, girls. last year’s ‘campaign’-game (where we had to post the color of our bras) was ok -ish…i mean: 1) there is a clear breast-bra connection 2) the status did not aim to read scandalous. so i think i did play. but this year i’m so out.

i like bags, love them. people tease me about my ‘matt&nat’ obsession. my bags that i carry regularly have names and are members of my household. i could try and write a very meaningful post about where they’ve ended up through time (always on floors. on asphalt. sand. ground.) during various moments of my life. do i want to involve my bag in an anti-cancer statement? maybe i can be convinced to.

i like ‘it’. meh i haven’t tried the floor yet. here in my current lodging it’s all bare floors and pretty cold i guess. i’m being obtuse on purpose, yes, because i can’t be convinced to go winky-winky. i know most women have bags, or something that can be called a bag or serves the purpose of one. i think, imagine etc that there are women who don’t have or don’t enjoy sex, and they’re still likely to get breast cancer. so there.

and this ‘sex&the city’-type rallying cry of ‘we’re all women. we like bags. we like IT.’ is grating me the more because it’s partly aimed at mystifying men, as in, why the hell are all women on facebook suddenly horny??? aaah, it’s because of…cancer awareness month???

”let’s see how powerful we women really are” by joining a pretty lame status meme? let’s see it in multiple other smarter ways! i mean i wear a pink ribbon through october…i cherish my female friendships..? i get checked for cancer..? i read (too many?) feminist blogs..? i do what i do without minding facebook, until facebook annoys me enough?

p.s. ”imi place in cuier” – definitely my favourite

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