„work is lame” is not an excuse

bussboy (bengali, speaks only english) worried about his trays of glasses: „i need glasses, please.”

carmen: „n. [the manager] said everybody should speak to me in french. so either you speak french or i can’t hear you.”

bussboy: madam, [points at glasses] s’il vous plait…

carmen: desolee, j’ai pas du temps maintenant.


carmen, pushing a heavy soap container for the machine. kitchen help tries to…well, help:

k.h.: let me carry this for you.

carmen: no thanks, what kind of a dishwasher would i be if i couldn’t carry my soap?

erik: dear miss carmen, not everything in life has to be hard.


new cook, italo-canadian, has the radio on loud and sings on top of it all day long. headache.

new cook: i sing good, don’t i?

carmen: don’t worry, i won’t press charges.


new bussboy, slips and breaks a whole tray of glasses.

n.b: … i almost had it up and then they all fell like this!…

carmen: …it was a once-in-a-jobtime experience.

cook: whoa, are you firing him? let the boy break glasses at his own pace!


metro closed due to accident, everybody is late for work and cranky.

carmen: i’m a lady, i took a taxi from papineau to here.

cook: glad you could make it, would you like to sit down in the VIP section and wait for the hostess to take your order?

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