along st laurent

there’s „le cagibi”, where i went to frieda’s show. on the corner with st viateur. i went back just to try and sit in one of the armchairs by the window. the weather was windy, clouds going very fast. the armchair felt surprisingly fragile, cardboardy. i should have had strong coffee…but i was leaving straight for work, so i got a sandwich, with brie and honey:). this was the song that was playing:

then there’s „the sparrow”, a ways down towards fairmount. what can i say about ‘sparrow’? it should become part of home, it has all the elements to be the place i pass by just to see if a certain someone is inside. (i never had that in vancouver, for fairly obvious reasons. i think i’ve decided i need it, or at least a revisiting of it.) ‘sparrow’ is the bar /resto of cynthia’s friends, well owned/managed by them i dunno exactly. fairly full on weekend nights, but open during the day at uncertain hours. i sat at a table with cynthia on a friday, drinking cranberry juice. then i went alone, and drank iced tea at the bar. there’s a seat there, by the back wall, hidden behind a pillar- the best seat in the house. i want to have a story about it. not yet.

last night i should have been off at 1.30, but got sent home early (quiet night). and it was a quiet night: i walked the opposite way from the metro. like 5 years ago: looking for adventure in ways in which i can make sure i won’t stumble upon it. there was someone playing guitar in a small space, open doors, so i stopped for a couple minutes there, listening. further up, then back down, it was 11 already, and i saw a string of depanneurs starting to close: lights off, locking the doors. on a street parallel to mine, „jump around” blaring from the backroom of some club. people smoking in an alley. people laughing up in a balcony, the sharp outlines of their hipster hats. bicycles propped agains the stairwells. on an empty balcony, in the dark, a white lampshade with a still lit bulb, shaking in the wind like a friendly ghost.

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