my music 2009 (1)

i’m so ready to get this year done with – also, i’ve had too much coffee today, so let’s go.

1. wilco – california stars : right after my late ’08 san francisco trip, still wondering what took me there & etc

2. interpol – rest my chemistry : dark thesis rewriting days, ugh. or, wow. i miss them

3. kate bush – army dreamers : don’t ask (don’t tell:)) – it was an anti-war-related thing, okay?

4.bonnie ‘prince’ billy – another day full of dread : I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS CREPT ITS WAY IN HERE. possible options: i was bored, sick and tired of everything. elizabeth was worried about my depression, into my face. practically come from work, eat, sleep, browse sites…oh wait. nevermind.

5. royskopp – what else is there: i had a huge obsession with this song, worsened by the idea that „this is not what i’d normally listen to” – i mean, what?! what difference does it make? it is now.

6.smog – i break horses: this, from the big „men are pigs/that’s why we love them” & „leonard cohen will never carry my groceries” collection of soulful and very angsty artsy music

7. metric – help i’m alive: see, some songs are me. i am some songs.

8. anja garbarek – beyond my control: i like how this sequence of songs really seems to start making sense now. the sense i have that i’m consolidating the story of this year, and i’ll seal it shut soon.

9. anna ternheim – to be gone : i was finishing my thesis draft, and this is possibly my „ana theme song”

10. anna ternheim- no subtle men: hahahahaha

11. anna ternheim – i say no : one of the ‘daria theme songs’ (it’s always easier with girls)

12. queens of the stone age – go with the flow: i was so limp and melancholic, til it drove me mad

13. london blackmarket – checkmate: i actually suspect my passion was helped along by the looks of the vocalist. but we’ll never know for sure, and i maintain the song is awesome and his voice also is special and…yeah. (also, an apt background music for ‘reprieve’, i mean)

14. against me! – we laugh at danger (and break all the rules) : THIS IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SING IF I WERE IN A BAND. i miss offspring, i freakin miss early green day and…uh-oh there was a band called h-blockx. god i might have to go NOW and youtube them. but in the meantime:

15. fleet foxes – white winter hymnal : a tiny sinister song. over and over, like waiting for the rain to stop cause otherwise you’ll die this second.or the next for sure.

16. antony & the johnsons – cripple and the starfish : yes yes yes exactly

17. lucinda williams – sweet side: i was house-sitting on the drive, and somehow everything was nice but nothing was meaningful enough…or something. like when you expect an epiphany and get a cup of tea. well epiphanies are overrated anyway.

so this was my winter/spring ’09.

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