fiction dream = truth squared:)

the quote is from joan didion’s „the last thing he wanted”. from a character’s dream notebook. this captures more or less EXACTLY my very recent feelings re: leaving vs. staying.

„I seem to have had an operation […] Unspecified but unsuccessful. I am ‘sewn up back again’, but roughly, as after an autopsy. It is agreed (I have agreed to this) that there is no point in doing a careful job, I am to die, a few days hence. The day on which I am assigned to die is a Sunday, Christmas Day. Wynn and Catherine and I are in Wynn’s father’s apartment in New York, where the death will take place, by gas. I am concerned about how the gas will be cleared out of the apartment but no one else seems to be.

It occurs to me that I must shop for Saturday night dinner, and make it special, since this will be my last day alive. I go out on 57th Street and along Sixth Avenue, very crowded and cold, in a bundled-up robe. My feet are very loosely sewn and I am afraid the stitching (basting really) will come out, also that my face is not on straight (again as in an autopsy it has been peeled down and put back up), and getting sadder and sadder.

As i shop it occurs to me that maybe I could live: why must I die? I mention this to Wynn. He says then call the doctor, call Arnie Stine in California and tell him. ask Arnie if you need to die tomorrow. I call Arnie Stine in California and he says no, if that’s what I want, of course I do not need to die tomorrow. He can ‘arrange it for later’ if I want. I continue shopping, for Christmas dinner now as well as for Saturday night. I am euphoric, relieved, but still concerned that I cannot be sewn beck together properly. Arnie Stine says I can be but I am afraid I will fall apart while shopping, walking on my loose feet.

I am trying to be careful when I wake up.”

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