this is an argument that always blocks me. what do i say to people who believe this?:

„the bottom line of leftist thought is that individuals cannot know reality or truth, that there is no objective truth. if there is no objective truth, then everything is excused. if we cannot know reality, then to act and build is futile. if an individual is just a collection of neurons and genes, or a receptacle for whatever environmental data that’s input, then he isn’t responsible for himself. in a world like this, everything’s on the same level, whether it’s a bach sonata or a papier mache pig made by a retarded kid. everybody’s on the same level; you’re supposed to care as much or more about thousands of vietnamese strangers as you would about your own family. in a world like this, what can you value or turn to but the approval and love of other people – any other people?” (mary gaitskill – ‘two girls, fat and thin’) (do NOT read that book, though!)

reasons i’m having trouble with this:

– my own screwed up feelings about family values

– third world inferiority complex turned elitism (it IS environment, people!)

– whenever i try to take an individual stand against the „everybody’s on the same level” thing, i do it in a psychotic and unavoidably random way. (i.e. someone’s story is as interesting as any other story – then why THAT someone? i don’t know why.)

i can’t even say more about it.


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