the state of sonja’s home (1)

ok, as it stands:

i binged on self-bought icecream (no damages to dishes) and sweet disgusting alcoholic stuff, i suppose the non-desirable type, so minus headache tomorrow (free day anyway) all’s fine. i missed the TWS reading though. oh well.

the yoga people pretty much behaved themselves – no legs flying in the air, just arms. i pulled the curtain though after dark, which is a thing i normally detest doing.

the cat ate v. little and scratched me once. not bad.i didn’t scratch her yet.

i got three phonecalls from various telemarketing surveying things, and at the peak of my feel-good evening actually answered one. i was totally articulate (they asked about brands of yoghurts).

now i’ve watched ‘survivor’ and half-watched ‘grey’s anatomy’ (am supposed to finish my story). i am currently listening to the news in french, but i’m not going to detail. basically recession, it’s very very ugly (etc). the cat is deigning to eat a bit more. i have somewhat activated the fireplace thing but it’s still damn cold.

One Response to the state of sonja’s home (1)

  1. S spune:

    By the way, how is one supposed to keep up to date by reading a blog that has no fresh post for over a month?

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