number crunchers/ electoral euphoria

a) this primary season i’ve found a lot of ‘idols’:) among the political junkie pool. such smart, dedicated people. i remember one day telling lora (with a sulk in my voice) how al giordano was in vancouver and i didn’t get to see him (actually i was telling her how he subsequently complained about smoking being prohibited in vancouver hotels:)) – but really, these people are to my mind of a totally different sphere than me. i could post anytime on DKos or the field, but i’ve got solidified into shyness and i’m not starting now. the point of this blabbering here is my happy surprise to find out today who the totally mythical poblano is. poblano rose to absolute fame in this sector:) this primary, by making predictions on percentages state by state…he’s got a blog called 538 and also writes on DKos…today he outed himself as being a baseball writer, initiator of some sort of a statistical system for baseball not dissimilar from what he does in politics. the news just made my morning…i couldn’t say why…of course there’s the underlying idea that these brilliant people are gathering for a good cause…

b) first it was the obama fellowship grants (please don’t tell me the primaries aren’t over yet! i think they are!). a string of lucky ‘fellows’ announcing on the blogs i read…exchanging info about which states would need them most (the O campaign is training them in getting out the vote and other organizing stuff)…now that they’re coming to terms with it, everybody’s starting to freak out about going to denver to the convention. there are a number of credentialed blogs, which will report from the floor…people with a reputation of sorts are doing blog fundraising for denver…lay persons are talking dividing gas money and crashing on other lay persons’ couches…i love it i love it i love it. and there’s 3 months to go…

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