mornings ’08

this is a thank-you list, in order of preference, for/of the blogs i read, that make up the most constant, and invariably satisfying, part of my every day. (yesterday i was almost disappointed, sooo few posts, what the hell…then i cut them some slack when i realized it was easter 🙂 ).

1. daily kos (markos moulitsas, and about 15-20 other frontpagers, who are extraordinary political animals; bloggers whose jobs are not in the media, people who are students, office cubicle ppl, writers, teachers, lawyers, historians; yes some are politicians running for office…occasional ones include john kerry, keith olbermann – that i’ve seen – and yes barack obama has 2 posts at daily kos. they are getting to be kindofa progressive outpost …well.)

2. talking points memo (josh marshall) – getting there! this is an established platform, and will be more balanced than DKos, probably more accurate in analysis as well, but it’s 2-3 main voices instead of dozens. (developing the comparison, what i love most about DKos is the reports from the ground and the personal diaries…lots of lateral, superinteresting trivia.)

3. the field@ rural votes (al giordano – crazy wonderful man, whom i imagine perpetually drunk; latest trickiest info from underhand sources; my ideal of true/real journalism)

4. wonkette (sara k. smith: pretty funny. annoyingly keeps referring to Our Candidate as barry o, which on the other hand has a refreshing way of re-waking me up to the fact that he’s just a person.)

5. atlantic. com (andrew sullivan/marc ambinder/matt yglesias: sullivan is a gay religious obamican, which is interesting if only as case study; ambinder is the impersonation of objectivity, and m. ygl. lives in a DC flat with about 4 other cool media bloggers, which makes this whole thing sound pretty exciting.)

7. politico (ben smith, who is marginally pro-hillary, but always has the latest polls)

8. huff post (ariana huffington: pretty mainstream, therefore the place to go with a statement. this is where obama posted his race speech, hillary her education platform, various other hotshots their endorsements etc.)

9. the caucus (NYT – i hate, since they half-assedly endorsed hillary c, but katherine seelye does a pretty ok job)

10. news groper – fake blogs by celebrities and politicians – funny for those who have the info beforehand; and late night political jokes (jon stewart, mostly; and colbert. leno is ok-ish…conan and letterman yuck)

overwhelmed yet??? i sure am.

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  1. Yaz Okulu spune:

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