point is, i’m not really sure what the issue is here. i spent most of day thawing it up with the ‘wreck’ team…among which, unbelievable, they asked me to explain the american election thing and i discovered that actually erin is quite up-to-date on it as well (also krista met an american at the weekend- a conference she was at – who was asked straight „obama or hillary?”, and said obama, motivating that he was from kansas like obama’s mum.) also, a propos of i forget what, i suddenly found myself leaking out my ovidiu broad&polished story, which in retrospect is shocking…also, krista is the other person doing her thesis with galloway, and will attempt a novel (BUY it! she still has no idea what it’ll be about, but i bet it’s going to be a damn good one). as a result, i’m here listening to the State of the Union Address as read by W, and planning to send money over to matt to buy me obama buttons, and vaguely envisioning bits and pieces that should be added to my dead novel draft to make it at least semi-viable…

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